Dental Practices Unsecured LOC Package

Price: $5,995.00 upfront for the Platinum Package to apply for LOC 50k or more.


  • No Bankruptcy’s
  • No Recent Late Payments
  • No Public Records
  • Low Revolving Credit Utilization ( Preferably Under 30% Credit Usage )
  • 5+ Year Old Credit File
  • No Excessive Inquiries ( No More Than 5 In 6 Months )

Unsecured LOC

Primary Business Trade Lines (Free)

Equifax 40-50K & SBFE 10-15K

  • Aged Appropriately
  • 3 Trades ill equal 25-30k and the 4th financial trade of 20k-25k
  • 20% or lower balance
  • Primary Business Trade lines
  • Trade lines remain posted to your company FOREVER
  • Balance will show 0 over time
  • We will also provide you a lender list
  • You will also receive your Equifax Business Credit Report