Get the Fast Financing You Need With a Merchant Cash Advance

When you operate a public-facing business, very often your best opportunities come with narrow windows of time in which to act. To take full advantage of those opportunities, you need to be able to count on having working capital at the time you need to make an investment. Unfortunately, traditional loan packages can take a long time to get approved, placing them out of reach for seasonal turn-arounds and other short-term opportunities. That is when you should consider a merchant cash advance (or MCA).

How MCAs Work

When you finance a cash advance through your merchant account, you basically take advantage of your established track record with credit card transactions to secure your debt. That means that after looking at that volume and deciding what kind of advance will be available, PTI Financial Group associates will set the payment to a percentage of your credit receipts. That way, if business booms you pay off your debt more quickly.

Benefits of MCAs

  • Fast, flexible cash
  • No application fees
  • No closing costs
  • No loss of equity in your business
  • Easy repayment

When opportunity knocks, you can not afford to pass up the chance to improve your business. To get the working capital you need to fully invest in each one as it comes up, contact us today and start an application.