Your Small Business Loan Resource

If you have been researching your company’s funding options, then you have no doubt found yourself learning more and more about the advantages offered by working with the SBA. Small business loans underwritten by that administration have preferential terms that are designed to make them work better as long-term investments, but they can take a little time to obtain. Luckily, PTI Financial Group is a preferred Small Business Administration lender, which allows us to streamline the application process for our customers.

Equipment Loans

One of the most popular programs offered by the Administration is the long-term loan structure for equipment purchases. 25 year repayment terms and high LTVs together make sure you are able to access everything you need while keeping your monthly overhead in check. The loans are built to make sure you get a chance to earn your return on that investment, so they are ideal for machines with long operational lifespans.

Acquisition Loans

If you are buying a business, the SBA can help with that too. For acquisitions, up to 80% LTV is available and terms of up to 15 years help to make sure you can spread your payments. Businesses do need to be making less than $1.25 million annually to qualify as small businesses under this program.

Commercial Real Estate

Last but definitely not least, small business loan solutions designed to make sure your company has access to the right facilities. As long as you plan to occupy at least half the square footage, the loan should qualify, provided your other application particulars are a good fit. These loans can be used for practically any commercial property purchase, including:

  • Restaurants
  • Storefronts
  • Warehouses
  • Factory spaces
  • Office buildings
  • Auto repair shops

To get started with your application, contact one of our associates. PTI Financial Group has the ability to process applications independently as a preferred provider. For more information about what that means, just ask.