Using Unsecured Business Lines of Credit

When it comes to finding your best approach to cash flow management, you need a variety of financial products that are each designed to work for a specific purpose. One of the most flexible and foundational credit instruments you can establish is an unsecured credit line. That’s because unsecured business lines of credit can be used to manage any necessary purchases up to their limit, which allows you to make sure the right people get paid when you need to do so. It can also give you the opportunity to establish the credit history you need to be able to access more sophisticated loan resources down the road.

The PTI Financial Group Credit Program

When you apply for an unsecured credit line with us, you have access to a program that is tiered to be useful for any company. Lines of up to $50,000 are available to small businesses and startups, and established companies with incomes over $1 million can expect lines up to $500,000 to be available. All of our credit lines also feature a few of the same core parameters:

  • Zero percent introductory interest periods
  • Regular rates at 1 to 5 percent above prime
  • 10 minute preapprovals that cost just $45

To get your pre-approval done and move forward with your application, call one of our associates today.